Games developed by Pratap Rai

Two Way Attack

 Shoot to Destory ...

The Click

Accruacy Game

Release Year - 2020

Category - Action, Puzzle

Welcome to The Click game.


 - Uniquely crafted levels

- Unique game play

- Progressive levels

- One hand gameplay

how to beat the game?

- Adjust power accordingly

- Angle your shots precisely

- Beat the gravity

Flick 8 Ball

Swipe to match puzzle game.

Release Date - 2020

Category - Sport, puzzle

Welcome to flick 8 ball pool game.

Simple minimalist pool puzzle style game.

Will you be able to pocket all the ball.

Aim of the game

- pocket all the ball to complete the level.

- Avoid black hole, edge of the board.

- Use blocks, tubes to direct your cue ball.


- 4 way swipe gestures

- Tap to rotate object (Tubes)

Features :

- Challenging levels

- Colorful graphics

- Haptic feedback

- Screenshake

- Unlimited fun

Fi Ball

Swipe to match puzzle game.

Release Date - 17/08/2020

Category - Sport

Unique yet challenging soccer style game. You can call this fi ball, shoot the ball and score. Use the players on the pitch to help score that lovely goal in style. Shoot through tight space and avoid hitting the wall, walls are dangerous.


- Unique style gameplay

- Skill base control

- Multiple levels

- Progressive gameplay

Swipe to match puzzle game.

Release Date - 30/07/2020

Category - Puzzle


- Game Feature/Play  -

Welcome to Dyad, swipe match puzzle game.

Experience the thrill of matching the block. Play anywhere, anyplace and anytime. Swipe the block around the grid to match the block until every block is matched.


- Swipe to move the block to match the corresponding block.

- Haptic feedback for epic gameplay experience.

- Easy on the eye colors.

- Simple yet challenging levels.

- Grid mode 3x3, 4x4, 5x5.

- Leaderboard

- Many More...


hddddreward new
challegning levels

Casual block style shooting game.

Simple block art works.

Release Date - 15/05/2020

Category - Casual

- Game Feature/Play  -

* Shoot down all the blocks that has a number.

* Number represent the health of the block so lower the number easier to break.

* Collect coins

* 8-bit music

* Single tap and swipe controls

* Unlock Bonus level

* Use power ups to complete the levels.

* Progressive level difficulty

* Every level is timed you will need to survive until time runs out to complete the level. Time increases as you progress through the game.

* Endless mode no time limit.


Casual simple fun puzzle style game.

Release Date - 20/04/2020

Category - Puzzle/Casual

This game is perfect for playing anywhere. Don't let it play with your mind.

You will have unlimited moves, swipe till your heart's content and collect all the pallets to complete the levels.

- Features -

*Vibrant Color.

*Four way swipe.

*Multiple Skiddy to unlock shop.

*Unique levels.

*Slow Motions.

*Haptic Feedback

*Simple yet challenging Levels.

*Many More ...


Release Date - 11/22/2019

Category - Casual

Flow Ball

Flow Ball is a fun casual game. Play where ever you want no matter the place. Fun hyper casual game that is simple and minimalist. There are plenty of levels for you to completed. Every level is a challenge where you have to dodge obstacle avoid dangerous object, collect stuffs. Deep relaxing sound.

- Features -

- Clean and minimalist design

- Challenging Levels

- Haptic feedback

- Optimised for all devices

- Easy tap controls

- Winter Theme

- Manty More ...

Release Date - 27/12/2019

Category - Adventure

Quad Adventure

Embark on a journey with Quad in his Adventure to conquer the wonderland. Dive into the world of Quad and conquer every chapters. Along the way Bounce, Fly, ride and many more surprises awaits you. Will you be able to explore all the chapters ...

- Features -

- Uniquely crafted Chapters.

- Easy to learn control.

- Haptic feedback.

- Vibrant Chapters.

- Beautifully minimalist visual design.

- Peaceful yet chilling gameplay.

- Many More ...

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Collaboration Games -

Rush Down 

Rush Down is fun and action packed game where you bounce and break the block with the ball.

Easy to learn control mechanics just tap and move left or right to control the turns. Rich looking visual effects and smooth game play.


- Easy Controls

- Haptic Feedback

- Leaderboard

- Power Ups

- Multi characters

- Unlock Skins

Defeat the block....