Quad Adventure

Embark on a journey with Quad in his Adventure to conquer the wonderland. Dive into the world of Quad and conquer every chapters. Along the way Bounce, Fly, ride and many more surprises awaits you. Will you be able to explore all the chapters ...


- Uniquely crafted Chapters.

- Easy to learn control.

- Haptic feedback.

- Vibrant Chapters.

- Beautifully minimalist visual design.

- Peaceful yet chilling gameplay.

Simple Minimalist

               Hyper Causal Games

Rush Down 

Rush Down is fun and action packed game where you bounce and break the block with the ball.

Easy to learn control mechanics just tap and move left or right to control the turns. Rich looking visual effects and smooth game play.


- Easy Controls

- Haptic Feedback

- Leaderboard

- Power Ups

- Multi characters

- Unlock Skins

Defeat the block....

Hot Up

Simple minimalistic game. Objective of the game it's very simple just reach the top. Blasted those boxes with rockets, dodge dangerous objects, collect diamonds and many more.


- Simple control

- Powers Ups

- Haptic Feedback

- Funny game physic

Flow Ball

Flow Ball is a fun casual game. Play where ever you want no matter the place. Fun hyper casual game that is simple and minimalist. There are plenty of levels for you to completed. Every level is a challenge where you have to dodge obstacle avoid dangerous object, collect stuffs. Deep relaxing sound.


- Clean and minimalist design

- Challenging Levels

- Haptic feedback

- Optimised for all devices

- Easy tap controls

- Winter Theme