Break Ultimate

Break ultimate is unique brick breaker style game, where you knock out the color blocks and collect the dead blocks.

There are mixture of power-ups that will increase, shoot, add extra balls, zap blocks and many more to help complete the levels.

There are also power-ups that will slow down the paddle/Balls, shrink paddle, gravity, invert paddle directions and many more try to avoid those.

Levels are uniquely design to make the gameplay more dynamic and challenging yet making it fun to play.


  • Dynamic gameplay.
  • Collectable paddles.
  • Collectable arrow skins.
  • Mini boss and Boss stages.
  • Variety of power ups.
  • Haptic feedback.
  • Unique levels.

Casual | Arcade


iPhone | iPad | Android

Break Pile

Break Pile is unique brick breaker style game. Where blocks are knocked down and stack the blocks at the bottom.

Gameplay is straight forward just knock out all the blocks and pile it up at the bottom. A mix of special power-ups which increase, shrink your paddle, add extra balls to the mix, and many more. Every level is uniquely design and unique in its own way.


  • Power ups
  • Paddle Skins
  • Leader Board
  • Haptic Feedback
  • Progressive Levels
  • Massive levels
  • Mini Levels

Action | Arcade


iPhone | iPad


iPhone | iPad | Android